“Colin you’re on fire! Pretty good day at the office! After 21 years with you, I would jump off a cliff with you! Love it! Thanks guys”
- Dr Hugo ‘The Doc’
“I’ve only been a member of your syndicate for a few months but have seen and heard enough to know that you can deliver. Keep up the great work, I’m in a healthy profit at the moment and my 10% stake is getting close to £200.... Thank you. I genuinely believe that you can turn my current cash pot into a lot of money”
- P Slater
“Would just like to give my support to Colin after message on Sunday. I am a fairly new member and have to admit was sceptical at first as have tried a few of these. I decided to give it a go and started with £10 !!! My bank now stands at £1465, not a lot but a start. Hopefully in time will grow to the £1000 bets Colin has talked about. Can’t imagine me doing that but hopefully with your help it will happen. Once again let Colin know he is doing a great job”
- P Smitham
“I would be grateful if you would pass on my whole hearted support to Mr Colin Davey for the service he is providing. I joined the service early last year and have made a lot of money from his professional bets. On no account is he to withdraw his service!!!!”
- L Knowles
“It's been a pleasure and privilege to have been connected to your racing services I look forward eagerly to the morning call and update. Your new system is great, please keep up the good work, your efforts are very much appreciated. It's great fun for both my wife and I. Let's hope you continue to make all our dreams come true. Good luck and a big thank you”
- T Franks